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You don't [find Wolf Clan]. Not if they don't want to be found.
Fin-Kedinn about Wolf Clan, Outcast

Wolf Clan is a nomadic Open Forest Clan. Unlike the other Open Forest Clans, Wolf Clan moves camps every few days. They are a mysterious clan and rarely make an appearance to the other clans. Torak and his father were of Wolf Clan, the latter being the former Wolf Clan Mage.

Known members[]


Torak's pebble

The Wolf Clan tattoo on Torak's pebble

Members of Wolf Clan have a tattoo which looks like two dotted lines on either cheek. Wolf Clan members also have yellow eyes, like those of a wolf. Wolf Clan members wear reindeer hides and amulets of raw amber as necklaces. Because of Torak's father becoming a Soul-Eater, Wolf Clan members shave their templates and stain it with red ochre.[2]
It is also highlighted that the manner of their movement is wolf-like. In Outcast, as they approach the clan meet where Torak is cast out, they are not noticed until they are virtually upon them. They are said to melt from and into the darkness.[2]


A common saying in Wolf Clan is "may the clan guardian run with me" which can be used as a token of good hunting.[3]

Notes and references[]

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