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Kindle Entertainment was set to produce the television series

The Wolf Brother television series was a canceled untitled live-action television production of the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness. Following the cancelation of the film series, on 30 March 2020, Michelle Paver announced on a YouTube livestream that she completed a deal with Kindle Entertainment and Lionsgate to create an adaptation of the franchise in television. Michelle was impressed by their "commitment to make an authentic recreation of Torak's world" and a roadmap of the narrative.[1] Anne Brogan, the joint managing director of the production company, stated that "Bringing the epic Wolf Brother series to television is a thrilling privilege. We all fell in love with these classic books, and with Sir Ian McKellen’s inspired audiobook narration. We will do justice to them. Our team is passionate and world-class. The fans will be ecstatic, I promise."[2]

However, on 6 May 2023, Michelle Paver revealed on her website to a fan that the television series was canceled. "It certainly wasn’t for want of trying on the part of the producers, but unfortunately making a major tv series is so expensive and difficult that it is quite common for projects not to get off the ground."[3]

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