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The Wolf Brother film series was a canceled series of films originally bought by 20th Century Fox shortly after the first book's release. Michelle Paver sold the film rights to Wolf Brother, and its subsequent unwritten sequels at the time, to Ridley Scott and 20th Century Fox for £2.1 million (or $4 million) as reported by Independent.[1] On 26 January 2005, Michelle Paver's website, Clan, shared the news about the movie deal with her fans.[2] Sir Ridley Scott is quoted to have said, "Wolf Brother is an enchanting book. Michelle has created a world that we have not seen before in any previous film."[1]

However, news about the film dwindled for years after. On 18 August 2010, Peter Cox, one of Michelle's agents, claimed in a blog on the official website that the previously announced film series was canceled. By that point, a script had been written, the director was set to be Catherine Hardwicke until she was called to work on Twilight, with prospects of the film being created in China. Finally, Michelle and her team decided to not proceed with the film. "Finally, we have just (yesterday) decide not to proceed with the film for the moment. This was a really tough decision, because it will inevitably disappoint a great many readers. However, both Michelle, I and indeed her publisher believe it’s the right thing to do at this stage."[3]

Speculations about future film or television adaptations of the series dwindled until Michelle announced an upcoming television series on her YouTube channel.[4]

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