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At times Wolf had been like any other cub, getting in the way, and poking his muzzle into everything. At others he was the guide, with a mysterious certainty in his amber eyes. But always he was a pack-brother. Being without him hurt.
—Torak about Wolf, Spirit Walker, chapter 4

Wolf is one of the main characters in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness. He is an adult wolf and Torak's pack brother. He is also Darkfur's mate and father of Pebble, Shadow, and Click. When Torak saved the orphaned Wolf after his family died in a flood, Wolf became Torak's guide to the Mountain of the World Spirit, and he always seemed to know more than he let on about Torak's true destiny. Wolf will do anything to save Torak from harm. He acts as both a companion and a guide. He has the ability to see Torak's souls when he spirit walks, which he called "the walking breath." Despite his endless devotion to Torak, there are nonetheless things that succeed in pulling Wolf from his pack brother's side, including Wolf's aversion to water, and his loyalty to his mate. Yet at the end of the last book, Wolf and Torak, along with Renn, Darkfur, Pebble, and Rip and Rek, all set off together for more adventures.


Wolf has a slender pale-gray muzzle, large silver ears with edges of black, and dark-rimmed amber eyes the color of sunlight in springwater.[1] He has a black nose and a bushy silver tail.[2] As a cub, his pelt was a fluffy light gray with a sprinkling of black across his shoulders. As an adult, Wolf's pelt grew thick and heavy, with blends of white, black, silver, and foxy red with a thick mantle of black fur across his shoulders. He has paler fur on his throat,[3] and black fur along his tail.[4] He has a keen sense of hearing and scent.[5] During the events of Soul Eater, his tail-tip was cut off and it was a thumb-length shorter.[6]


Wolf Brother[]

Wolf's family is killed in a flash flood by the Fast Water, and only Wolf survives it. He quickly meets Torak, and despite being confused by his ability to stand on two legs, Wolf immediately recognizes him as a fellow wolf and his new pack brother. He lingers nearby while Torak recovers from illness, and Torak wonders if Wolf is his guide that his father told him about, sensing that the young cub knew more than he let on. The pair communicate using wolf talk. As they begin their journey, Wolf begins to feel the Pull towards the Mountain of the World Spirit, sensing that he must guide his pack brother towards it. Torak notices that Wolf sometimes has two personalities: the joyful and playful cub and the stoic and mysterious guide.
After they are captured by Raven Clan, Renn takes Wolf with her to find Torak to force him in his quest to find the Mountain of the World Spirit to destroy the demon bear. Wolf leads them to the Widewater, but is nervous about crossing since his family died in a flood. Wolf is able to detect the pieces of the Nanuak, the world spirit manifested, when it's close. When the demon bear attacks them at the stone mouth, Wolf snatches the first Nanuak piece from Renn and leads the demon bear away. Across the ice river, Wolf leads Torak to an ice hole where the final Nanuak piece is. After Renn uses the grouse bone whistle to call for Wolf, the young cub guides Torak to Renn. After reuniting with Raven Clan, Wolf guides Torak to the Mountain of the World Spirit. When the demon bear and Hord ambush them, Torak calls for Wolf to take the Nanuak up to the mountain to destroy the bear. He fears that Wolf was killed in the avalanche, but he hears his pack brother's howls in the wind that he's alive and with another pack.

Spirit Walker[]

Six moons later, Wolf struggles with the Pull of staying with the Mountain pack and returning to Torak. He suddenly scents something terrible in the Forest and returns to search for his pack-brother, but Torak is long gone from Raven Clan. He finds Renn while following his pack-brother's trail, though he grows confused by her broken wolf talk. He guides her to the Sea, where they spot some Seal Clan hunters taking Torak away on a skinboat. Renn convinces some Sea Eagle Clan hunters to take them across the Sea, though Wolf is less than pleased with getting into a boat. Wolf and Renn rescue Torak from drowning in a seal net, and he and Torak joyfully reunite.
After Torak leaves, Wolf leads Renn across the Seal Island towards a carrion to feast on a dead Hunter, which Renn realizes is the cause of the rogue Hunter's anger. Later, while searching for Renn, Wolf detects the scent of a demon in Seal Clan. He reunites with Torak, but Wolf refuses to come with him, detecting the demon nearby. He feels guilty for betraying his pack-brother, but returns to help save Torak from Tenris and his tokoroths. When the return to the forest, Renn wonders if Torak's ability to spirit walk allows him to communicate easily with Wolf. When Torak asks Wolf if he knows about his powers, Wolf replies that he's always known.

Soul Eater[]

It is now winter, and Wolf has been staying with his pack-brother and pack-sister. During a hunt, Wolf detects the scent of "strange prey" and dashes off. The Soul-Eaters set a trap for Wolf, wanting to sacrifice nine hunters to open the Door to the Otherworld in the Far North. Wolf is captured and taken to the Far North towards the Eye of the Viper Mountain. Thiazzi steps on Wolf's tail and Seshru feeds him a poison to make him sleep. Torak and Renn follow him, where the White Fox Clan elders receive a vision of Torak preparing to kill Wolf. At the mountain, the Soul-Eaters tie up Wolf's snout and throw him in a pit covered with rocks in the cavern. A black fog plagues his mind, and Wolf doesn't recognize Torak or Renn when they come to rescue him. Renn notices the blackening sickness on Wolf's tail and concludes it must be cut off, but Torak is unable to hurt his pack-brother. After Renn cuts off Wolf's tail-tip, he recovers almost immediately and recognizes Torak. After they interupt the Soul-Eaters' ceremony to open the Door, Torak tells Wolf to flee. After Torak is separated by Renn, Wolf guides his blind pack-brother to her. He prevents his pack-brother, who has spirit walked into an ice bear, from killing Thiazzi.


Wolf joins his pack-brother when he is outcasted from the clans, leading away dogs to keep them off Torak's scent trail. When Torak performs Magecraft to remove his Soul-Eater tattoo, Wolf grows confused when Torak mumbles that he doesn't want Wolf to leave him. While fleeing the clans to Lake Axehead, Torak begins to suffer from soul-sickness, forgetting how to communicate with Wolf and confusing him for a hunter. Hurt, Wolf reunites with the Mountain pack when they settle on the Island of the Hidden People. He is welcomed back into the pack and often cub-watches over the cubs, Digger, Snap, and Growler. He becomes jealous of Rip and Rek when they arrive to help Torak. Wolf is pleased when Torak is accepted into the pack after rescuing the cubs. However, he decides to stay with his pack brother after he is accepted back into the clans.

Oath Breaker[]

Wolf journeys with Torak, Renn, and Fin-Kedinn to the Deep Forest to track Thiazzi, who killed Bale. However, he grows confused by his pack-brother's blood-hunger for revenge. He longs for Darkfur, but knows he must stay with his pack-brother. Wolf tracks Thiazzi through the Deep Forest, though the three have to navigate past Auroch Clan and Forest Horse Clan. After Torak slips away from Red Deer Clan, Wolf tracks Thiazzi towards the sacred grove, though he warns his pack-brother that it is dangerous. To help, Wolf chases a bison herd through the grove, but the pair are split up due to a fire. He appears to Renn when she blows the whistle at the Auroch Clan camp, but he grows concerned when he spots Torak willingly leave Renn. He keeps his distance from his pack-brother, reflecting on Torak's strange behavior since Bale's death. A sudden realizations crashes over him: Torak is not a wolf. Wolf is unsure what ot do when Darkfur reappears, and the pair happily reunite. She encourages him to return to Torak since they are pack-brothers, and Wolf helps Torak and Renn to defeat Thiazzi. After his death, Wolf and Darkfur find the missing children in the sacred grove. Wolf disappears over the summer until Torak and Renn track him. They discover that Wolf and Darkfur now have a litter of three pups, Click, Shadow, and Pebble. Wolf happily introduces his new family to the rest of his pack.

Ghost Hunter[]

Torak leaves without Wolf to hunt Eostra, though Eostra's eagle owl kills Shadow, throws Darkfur over a cliff, and takes off with Pebble. Wolf attempts to chase after the owl, but he soon fears that his entire family is dead. He becomes lost in his grief, nearing death until Torak and Renn find him and nurse him back to health. Wolf finds his will to live by saving Torak from a tokoroth. As they head for the Mountain of Ghosts, Mountain Hare Clan thanks Torak for bringing Wolf, whom they call the ghost hunter for his stalking skills. After Renn injures her leg, Torak and Wolf head out alone to find Eostra's lair. Wolf lures Eostra's dogs away from Torak. They eventually find Dark, who guides them to Eostra's lair. He kills Eostra's eagle owl, avenging his family. After getting separated, Wolf finds Torak's souls, the Breath-that-Walks, wandering from his body and guides him back. Later, Wolf reunites with Darkfur and Pebble, having survived the owl's attacks. After Torak decides to wander, Wolf, his family, Rip and Rek, and Renn join him to live as their own pack.


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