Wolf as a cub at the start of the series.


Wolf is a wolf and Torak's pack brother. Wolf will do anything to save Torak from harm. He is Darkfur's mate and father of Pebble, Shadow, and Click. Torak saves Wolf when he is a cub and Wolf is forever grateful, proceeding to accompany Torak and Renn throughout the majority of the rest of the series. He acts as both a companion and a guide. He saves Torak's life during the final book Ghost Hunter. He leads Torak's soul back to his body.

Despite his endless devotion to Torak, there are nonetheless things that succeed in pulling Wolf from his pack brother's side, including Wolf's aversion to water, and his loyalty to his mate. Yet at the end of the last book, Wolf and Torak, along with Renn, Darkfur, Pebble, and Rip and Rek the ravens who were sent to Torak by Renn in Outcast when he was suffering from soul sickness, all set of together for more adventures.