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At the edge of the denning place, he saw the misty shape of a wolf. He cast it a reassuring glance, and what was left of Whitepaw—the breath that walked—lingered for a moment, then, satisified that the cubs were safe, trotted into the Forest
Wolf seeing Whitepaw's spirit, Outcast, chapter 23

Whitepaw is a member of the Mountain pack. They were often the cub-watcher for the pups—Digger, Snap, and Growler. Wolf briefly takes over watching the cubs until Whitepaw returns. When Torak searches for the wolf den to find Wolf, but Whitepaw growls for Torak to leave since the rest of the pack is out hunting. However, Whitepaw is killed by a lynx defending the cubs. They are rescued by Torak, and Wolf briefly sees Whitepaw's spirit before it leaves.


Whitepaw was a large wolf.[1]

Notes and references[]

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