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If you're going to survive, you need to do as we do. Follow the ways of the creatures of the ice. The willow grouse burrows a shelter in the snow. We do too. The eider duck lines her nest with feathers. We do the same with our sleeping-sacks. We eat our meat raw, like the ice bear. We borrow the strength and endurance of reindeer and seal, by making our clothes from their hides. This is the way of the ice. Above all, we pay heed to the wind, which rules our lives.
—Inuktiluk to Torak and Renn, Soul Eater, chapter 11

White Fox Clan is one of the Ice Clans from the Far North. They assist Torak and Renn to help them find the Soul-Eaters in the Eye of the Viper Mountain. Like the other Ice Clans, White Fox Clan lives by the way of the ice creatures to survive. They specialize in living on the ice and use sled dogs to travel. They do not appear to have a dedicated leader, but rather four elders.[2]

Known members[]


You're much too thin. To survive on the ice, you need to be fat! Don't you even know that? Everything in the north is fat! Seals, bears, people!
—Inuktiluk to Torak and Renn, Soul Eater, chapter 8


The White Fox Clan tattoo, a curved rectangle over the nose

White Clan members are stocky to help maintain body warmth, and they wear seal-hide[3] and reindeer parkas,[4] and owl-eyed visors to prevent snow blindness.[3] They also wear hare fur lined mittens, ptarmigan-down slippers, stockings made of young seals, and a dehaired seal hide boots.[5] Their boots are equipped to grip the ice.[4]


White Fox Clan specializes in hunting seals and using dog sleds to travel around the ice.[4] They specialize in living on the ice by following the animals: they carry their waterskins inside their parkas to prevent them from freezing, rub blubber on their faces, use blubber to melt ice, they eat raw meat, and line their sleeping-sacks with duck feathers.[4] To recover from freezing, White Clan members will offer their own blood to warm up victims, as Inuktiluk did when he first found Torak and Renn, and seal blubber.[3]
They also honor the wind, as it rules their lives, and make offerings to stone men statues. They also worship the Sea Mother; Inuktiluk points his seal's muzzle towards the ocean so its souls can be reborn. They also provide a share of their catch to the clan-guardian, the white fox.[4] They keep their dead with them wrapped in hides until the spring so they won't be eaten.[5]
To wish for good luck, they say "may the guardian run with you."[5]


White Fox Clan lives on the sea ice where the seals are.[3] They live in large, humped snow shelters linked by short tunnels. The entrance to the shelter is a low tunnel. Whale bones act as racks to store boots and mittens inside.[2]

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