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Viper's Daughter is the seventh book in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series by Michelle Paver.


For two summers Torak and Renn have been living in the Forest with their faithful pack-brother, Wolf. But their happiness is shattered when Renn realizes Torak is in danger - and she's the threat.

When she mysteriously disappears, Torak and Wolf brave the Far North to find her. At the mercy of the Sea Mother and haunted by ravenous ice bears, their quest leads them to the Edge of the World. There they must face an enemy more evil than any they've encountered.

Viper's Daughter plunges you back into the Stone-Age world of Torak, Renn and Wolf: a world of demons, Hidden People and exhilarating adventure which has entranced millions of readers.


WARNING: Spoilers ahead ! ...

Torak and Renn have been living together for two summers. Renn goes to visit her clan but when she doesn't return, Torak goes to the Ravens. He is informed that she headed North, Far North. Towards the edge of the world. He heads North, leaving Wolf behind, but Wolf catches Torak.

Renn is worried that she is her mother. Then, in a dream, she sees her mother. She was warning her. She kept heading north and a person called Naiginn found her.

Torak found the Narwhal clan so they helped him. Torak sets off to find Renn the next day. He proceeds to find Renn with Naiginn and he is furious. after a while Torak and Renn found out that Naiginn is a tokoroth but they find it strange that he is a fully grown one.


  • The title of this book resembles Renn.


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