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Remember. When you're hunting, look behind you. I—always tell you. You always—forget. Look behind you. Yes?
—Fa to Torak, Wolf Brother, chapter 1

Torak's father, called Fa by Torak, was a powerful Wolf Clan Mage. His father was from Wolf Clan, and his mother was from Seal Clan. He and his brother Tenris grew up with their friend Fin-Kedinn. As an adult, he and his brother jointed the Healers, believing they were a group of powerful Mages that would help all the clans. However, they turned out to be the Soul-Eaters set on destroying the forest. Trying to escape, he created the Great Fire to shatter the fire-opal, their source of power, and went into hiding with his mate. His mate bartered with the World Spirit to turn their unborn son a spirit walker so he could defeat the Soul-Eaters, costing her own life. Torak's father raised him alone in the forest for twelve summers away from the other clans. When Tenris created a demon bear to kill his brother, Torak's father made his son promise to destroy the bear by traveling to the Mountain of the World Spirit, but to be wary of the other clans. Torak took his father's knife, crafted from the ocean and the forest, which secretly held a portion of the fire-opal in its hilt.


Torak's father had long dark hair, a lean brown face, and the Wolf Clan tattoos on his cheeks. He used to be a Soul-Eater, but he had his mark removed from his chest, leaving a nasty scar.[1] He wore a little seal amulet around his neck the color of amber.[2]


Early life[]

The one you speak of, was the greatest Mage we ever had. He alone—for a few heartbeats—managed to become wolf. But he turned Soul-Eater.
—Maheegun about Torak's father, Outcast, chapter 3

Torak's knife

Torak's father hid his piece of the fire-opal in the hilt of his knife

His early life is not mentioned in detail. He grew up in the Wolf Clan with his brother Tenris. He would become good friend with Fin-Kedinn. When he grew up, he became the Wolf Mage. Tenris was jealous of this and disappeared. He would later appear as the Seal Mage. Fa would later meet Torak's mother.
He joined a group called the Healers which his brother Tenris has also joined. Initially the group of 7 mages had been organized to do good and help all of the clans or at least this is what Fa had thought when he joined them. They would eventually become the Soul-Eaters and they would terrorize the forest. Seeking to escape them Fa shattered the Fire Opal causing a great fire that left Fa with scars on his chest, Tenris with horrible burns on his face, and Narrander apparently dead. This act would break up the Soul-Eaters and they would fade from common knowledge.
With Torak's mom he went to run from the Soul-Eaters. A bitter Fin-Kedinn initially refused to help and while he had changed his mind by morning Fa and Torak's mom had already left. Torak's mom would die giving birth to him but due to deal she has made Torak was given power to help him with his destiny. Fa left Torak in a wolf den when he was a baby and due to extended time in there Torak was able to speak wolf and to some extent dog.
Fa had cut out the mark of the Soul-Eaters which left a scar on his chest. It was not widely known as a Soul-Eater by the general forest. This allowed him and Torak to go a gathering though they were still disguised.

Wolf Brother[]

Fa and Torak were relaxing when they were attacked by the demon bear sent by the Crippled Wanderer. The Bear fatally wounded Fa. Before he died he gave Torak a blue flint knife his mother had given to him when he entered manhood. He took Torak's knife in its place. He had Torak apply the death marks to him, take all that he could, and told him to run. He would die shortly afterwards. Due to his recent death his name could not be said out loud without risking drawing his souls.

Spirit Walker[]

After capturing Torak, Tenris revealed that he was the Crippled Wanderer who had created the demon bear and that he had sent it to kill Fa. He would also reveal that he was Fa's brother and Torak's uncle. Before he died he told Torak to ask Fin-Kedinn to tell him everything. Fin-Kedinn revealed that Fa had been a Soul-Eater and that he had known both him and Tenris.

Soul Eater[]

It is revealed that Fa at one point saved Nef's life when she was going to kill herself because her only son had died from sickness. Nef had mixed feelings about this. Upon finding out Torak was Fa's son she was conflicted. She would ultimately sacrifice herself to destroy the Fire Opal and to stop the Demons from entering the world. She told Torak this would make her even with Fa.


When the Wolf Clan attends Torak's trial they reveal that Fa was a dishonor for the clan. They also revealed that Fa had made Torak clanless, a secret that Torak himself did not even know. As a result they did not interfere when Torak was made outcast.

Oath Breaker[]

Coming Soon

Ghost Hunter[]

Torak was having visions of his father. He was also hearing him calling to him and feared that he had failed to properly apply death marks on his Fa. Fin-Kedinn pointed out that the signs he had seen were more likely from Eostra the last Soul-Eater who would have known Fa well enough to impersonate him and copy his technique for making arrows. At the end Eostra is able to bring back a corrupted soul of Fa along with the other dead Soul-Eaters. When Torak breaks the Fire Opal, he briefly becomes his pure soul and before disappearing says Torak's name one last time.

Notes and references[]

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