The Walker (real name Narrander) was a member of the Otter Clan and the Soul Eaters (he wished to leave but couldn't since Eostra had kidnapped his son Narik). He went mad with grief after his son died.


Not much of his background is known. He was a member of the Otter Clan and joined the Soul Eaters when his son, Narik, was eight summers old (though it is not known when this was). It is assumed at one point he was a powerful Mage because of this. He wished to leave shortly after joining the Soul Eaters, though Eostra forced him to stay by kidnapping his son. He was with the Soul Eaters on Souls' Night when Torak's Father awoke the Great Fire, as was his son Narik. The Walker managed to escape, although he lost one of his eyes, Narik, who'd been bound by Eostra did not. He found Narik's body and became mad with grief.


Whilst mad he can at times come out with some advice, harkening back to his days as a Mage. He seems to have a sense of justice, as he quickly wished to leave the Soul Eaters soon after he joined them. He was also very loving to his son Narik.


Despite being mad he managed to survive in the Forest on his own for many years. He also seems to retain some of his skills as a Mage, using it to destroy Eostra in Ghost Hunter.


Wolf BrotherEdit

He discards Renn's Quiver into a stream and threatens to snap Renn's bow.

Spirit WalkerEdit

The Walker does not appear in this book.

Soul EaterEdit

Torak and Renn encounter him, again, in Soul Eater, when they are looking for Wolf - who is missing. He tells them odd phrases and vaguely mentions the soul eaters.


The Walker does not appear in this book (except in referance by Torak thinking he was going crazy).


The Walker does not appear in this book.

Ghost HunterEdit

He comes to aid in the fight against Eostra and get his revenge for Narik's death.



Not much is known of the Walker's son, Narik, and thus not much is known of his relationship with him. Depsite this it can be assumed the two had a loving relationship, hence the Walker becoming so distraught with his son's death. After Narik had died The Walker went mad and he pretended that small animals were Narik. He also knew Fin-Kedinn which is why he comes to the aid of Torak and Renn in Ghost Hunter. This friendship was kept a secret by Fin-Kedinn until the last book. Fin Kedinn made sure people didn't know he was the seventh soul eater and said the seventh soul eater died in the great fire created by Torak's father.