The Forest is a huge wood which covers the part of Northern Europe in which the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series takes place. Most (known) clans live here. It exists out of two parts, the Open Forest and the Deep Forest, and also borders the Far North in the north, the High Mountains in the east and the marshes in the south. It also borders the Sea

According to the writer Michelle Paver, the Forest is based on the Scandinavian woods, especially the Norwegian ones, however, there are also Romanian and Finnish elements in the Forest. The climate is mild in summer, but during winter it's covered in snow. 

Most resources, including many species of animals en plants, are present in the Forest. 

Known clans: Wolf Clan, Raven Clan, Boar Clan, Viper Clan, Otter Clan, Bat Clan, Oak Clan(no living members), Eagle Owl Clan(no living members), Red Deer Clan, Auroch Clan, Forest Horse Clan, Lynx Clan, Apologies for any clans I have forgotten.