The Swan Clan is a Mountain Clan. They led Torak and Renn to the Mountain of Ghosts in the book Ghost hunter. They feature little in other books, as none of the previous adventures in the series required such a quest.

Since they believed Darks powers were a bad omen would mean that the members have little knowledge and understanding of magecraft, or are highly superstitious due to their placement near the Mountain of Ghosts and the tale of Dark's mother being intercepted by a white hare.

They are also described as being conservative with their Clan Creature skin. The Men wear the skin as wrist bands or necklaces, the Women wear the feathers, the Children wear the feet and the Mage or Clan Leader wears the beak.

The Clan Tattoo consists of twelve dots formed in a ring on the forehead, which represent the phases of the moon or the moons of each month of the year.

The Swan Clan tattoo


  • Dark (Never received clan tattoos)