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The Swan Clan is a Mountain Clan. They led Torak and Renn to the Mountain of Ghosts in the book Ghost Hunter.

Since they believed Darks powers were a bad omen would mean that the members have little knowledge and understanding of magecraft, or are highly superstitious due to their placement near the Mountain of Ghosts and the tale of Dark's mother being intercepted by a white hare.

Known members[]


Swan Clan members wear clothes made of musk-ox and reindeer. Their clan-creature skins are created sparingly: the men wear a plaited wristband of swan hide, dyed red, the women wear the feathers, the children wear the claws, and the Leader wears the beak.[2] Their clan-tattoo is a ring of thirteen red dots on their forehead to signify the thirteen moons of every cycle.[1]


Swan Clan members are skilled ice-fishers and hunt with slingshots. They also traverse the High Mountains with dog sleds.[2]
They also have a deep understanding of Magecraft. They offer prayers to the Gorge of the Hidden People. They only offer to help Torak and Renn to the Mountain of Ghosts in hopes that either of their deaths will allow the reindeer to return.[2] When Dark's mother gave birth to her albino son, Swan Clan believed it was because a white hare darted in front of her while she was pregnant. Swan Clan was superstitious of Dark since he could see ghosts.[3] Like the other Mountain Clans, Swan Clan families do not name their children until their eighth summer.[1]

Notes and references[]

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