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She does everything sideways, like a snake. She lies all the time. She makes you see things that aren't there. She makes you do things.
Renn about Seshru, Outcast, chapter 16

Seshru was an assumed member of the Viper Clan, although formerly of the Raven Clan, and was one of the Soul-Eaters. She was also Renn's mother. While resembling her daughter, Seshru has a forked black tongue and moves like her namesake. While she initially was part of the Raven Clan, where she and mate had a son, Hord. At some point, Seshru ran from Raven Clan and changed her name-soul to be a member of Viper Clan and a member of the Soul-Eaters. She was originally going to use Hord as a tokoroth, but he had grown too old. She returned to Raven Clan to conceive another child with her mate, giving birth to Renn. She intended to imprison an elemental inside Renn to create a powerful tokoroth, but Saeunn rescued her. Many summers later, Seshru reunited with her daughter Renn and the Wolf Clan Mage's son, Torak, when the Soul-Eaters attempted to open the Door to the Otherworld in the Far North. She possessed Torak's souls when he was outcasted, but she was killed by Bale when the fire-opal was destroyed.


Seshru was slim with a black tongue forked like a viper's and an empty smile. According to Wolf, Seshru smelled of fresh leaves.[2] According to Torak, Seshru had the perfect face. Her slanting eyes were blue, she had dark hair tied back from a high white brow, and stark black lines of arrowheads on her forehead like markings of a snake.[3] Her lips were black and she wore a tunic of supple buckskin fringed with snakeskin.[4]


Soul Eater[]

Seshru, Thiazzi, and Nef kidnap Wolf and take him to the Eye of the Viper Mountain in the Far North, where the Soul-Eaters and their leader, Eostra the Eagle Owl Mage, are searching for the Door to the Otherworld to unleash the demons. They enlist the help of a White Fox Clan boy, whom they plan to be the ninth sacrifice, but Torak sneaks in to rescue Wolf. Wolf is kept separate from the other hunters, as she received a message from Tenris that "the Wolf lives". She later tattoos the mark of the Soul-Eaters on Torak's chest. During the ceremony to open the Door, Seshru wears the lynx pelt. After Torak, Renn, and Wolf disrupt the ceremony and steal the fire-opal, Seshru, Thiazzi, and Nef track them down. Seshru is surprised to learn that Torak is the Wolf Mage's son. After Nef destroys the fire-opal, Seshru and Thiazzi flee.


Seshru steals Torak's pebble with his clan-tattoos on it and uses Magecraft to cause Torak to be soul-sick. She steals the sacred clay at Lake Axehead, angering the spirits there and causing the Lake to sink, and she poisons Torak's drink when he uses Magecraft to remove his Soul-Eater tattoo, forcing him to spirit walk into an elk and attack Renn. After Torak recovers from his soul-sickness, Seshru poisons crowberries to capture Torak. She manipulates his pebble to force him to spirit-walk into a snake and nearly strikes Renn. She also longs for the fire-opal, insisting she knows Torak has it somewhere. After he flees, Torak reunites with Renn and Bale. On the Island of the Hidden People, Seshru mocks Renn and reveals that she is her mother, shocking Torak's faith in his best friend. Later, Seshru mocks Renn that she would have made a brilliant tokoroth. Seshru stealing the sacred clay causes the World Spirit to flood the Lake. After the flood, Torak reveals the fire-opal hidden in his father's knife, and Seshru appears to demand it. However, Bale kills her with a bow-and-arrow as Torak smashes the fire-opal, providing it the sacrifice that it needs to be destroyed.

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