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The Sea Eagles were one of the more approachable Sea clans. They could be proud, but they were always welcomed by strangers; and they were fairly relaxed about mixing the Forest and the Sea, taking their leader from their clan-creature, who took prey from both.
—Renn about Sea Eagle Clan, Spirit Walker, chapter 20

The Sea Eagle Clan is one of the Open Forest Clans. They stay close to the Sea, feasting on cod and salmon in the rivers and seals and herring in the Sea during the winter. For the Midsummer rites, Sea Eagle Clan joins the other Sea Clans on Cormorant Island.[1]

Known members[]


Like the other Open Forest Clans, Sea Eagle Clan moves around every three to four moons. Their large shelters are made of branches resembling the eyries of eagles.[1]

Notes and references[]

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