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Sea Clans map

The Sea Clans are Clans that live by Sea, either on islands such as the Seal Islands, about a day's skinboating to the west of the Forest, or on the coast of the mainland (the latter is not counted in all definitions.) They usually don't like to mix the Sea with the Forest, though they became more relaxed about it when Bale and Torak became friends, and remained that way even after Bale has died.

To the Sea Clans, their skinboats are like the bows are to the Open Forest Clans, they aren't just objects but hunting partners, but only to the men as the women in the Sea Clans don't hunt. They stay on land in camp to wait for the men to return.

Except when travelling on trading trips to the Forest or to attend clan meetings, the Sea Clans stay put in one camp all year round. This is unlike the Open Forest Clans who lead a relatively nomadic lifestyle, moving camp every few moons.

The Sea Clans are:[]

Several coastal clans such as the Sea-Eagle Clan and Whale Clan are often counted in lists.


  • Michelle Paver based the Sea Clans' reverence of orcas (referred to as Hunters in-universe) on the Tlingit ant the Kwakiutl of the American Northwest, who revered killer whales (Spirit Walker Extras). They believed you should neve harm one, lest the whale's family seek revenge.
  • The Sea Mother resembles the Inuit goddess Sedna (also known as Sanna or Sassuma Arnaa), who was believed to live in the deep sea and sent the seals, fishes, and whales up to the surface from the deep to be hunted. If she were angry, she would keep the animals below in retribution. She also resembles the Scottish Mither o' the Sea. Her hatred of tainting the forest with the sea is based on some Inuit practices, in which the INuit would make sure to purify their gear and reindeer-hide clothing over seaweed fies.