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Fool of a girl! I know why you shirk your duty! But do you think that even if he survived this final battle – if he vanquished the Soul-Eater and lived to tell of it – do you think he’d stay with the Ravens? He’s a wanderer, it’s in his marrow! You will stay, he will leave. This is how it will be! You hate me because I tell the truth! But you know it, too. You’ve read the signs.
—Saeunn to Renn, Ghost Hunter, chapter 3

Saeunn was the Raven Clan Mage. Unfeeling, almost harsh, and impossibly old, she nevertheless served as the unwilling Renn's mentor and advisor.


Saeunn was an old woman. She wore a round bone amulet etched with a spiral on the breast of her jerkin.[3] She had long, ridged, and yellow fingernails,[4] and brown and hooked toenails.[5] Her scalp was nearly bald except scant white hair, and her face was sharp.[6] She had bony arms,[7] and walked with a hunch but carried a staff as she walked.[5] Her eyes were sunken in, and she spoke with a raven croak.[8]


Wolf Brother[]

Saeunn is the Raven Mage. After Torak is captured, Saeunn tells Torak how she knew his father: after his mother died, Torak's father left him in a she-wolf's den for three moons. She had met Torak's father during the previous clan meet five summers ago. She believes Torak to be part of the Listener prophecy meant to destroy the demon bear.
After Raven Clan catches up with Torak, Renn, and Wolf, Fin-Kedinn tells Torak that Saeunn knows more about his past, though believes he does not need distractions at this time. He tells Torak that it is his destiny to defeat the Soul-Eaters.

Spirit Walker[]

Saeunn casts bones on the Guardian Rock and receives a warning that something is coming. She and Renn perform a healing rite for Oslak and Bera when they fall ill with a mysterious sickness. After Oslak's death, Saeunn dabs the Death Marks on his body to keep his souls together. When Renn is bitten by a mysterious creature, Saeunn tells her about the tokoroths, demon children created by Soul-Eaters to do their bidden. The old Mage suspects that they are causing the mysterious sickness.

Soul Eater[]

After Renn and Torak disappear to the Far North to rescue Wolf, Saeunn discourages Fin-Kedinn's idea to go after them. She is displeased that Torak is risking his life for a wolf when he has a greater destiny. Later, Saeunn receives a message from the fire that demons are coming from the Far North.


After the Open Forest Clans meet to discuss Torak's fate, Saeunn announces that Torak must be outcasted. When Maheegun of Wolf Clan insists that Torak is not of Wolf Clan due to his scar, Saeunn confirms the Leader's suspicions, claiming that Torak's father told her about his intention to make his son clanless. She marks him with the outcast mark on his forehead.
At the clan meet, Saeunn claims that she detects a Soul-Eater nearby. Renn later asks Saeunn, begrudgingly, to teach her how to interpret her signs, though Saeunn claims that she is not ready. She later believes that Torak has fallen ill with soul-sickness, suspecting it to be Seshru's doing. Later, Seshru mocks her daughter Renn, explaining how Saeunn kidnapped her to prevent Renn from becoming Seshru's tokoroth.

Oath Breaker[]

Saeunn grows frail over winter. In the bones, Saeunn saw that Thiazzi went to the Deep Forest, though she warns Fin-Kedinn not to go with Renn and Torak. She gives Torak a black root to help loosen his souls.

Ghost Hunter[]

When Eostra sends moths and shadow sickness over the forest, Saeunn claims that the last Soul-Eater is in the Mountain of Ghosts. She tells Renn that she will soon die and she must take her place as the Raven Mage. She mocks Renn for shrinking away from her duty and claims that Torak will not survive the future fight against Eostra. Fin-Kedinn leaves Thull and Saeunn in charge while he searches for the Walker, though the old Mage wears herself out tending for her clan. After Saeunn dies, Renn spots her ghost guiding her in the Mountain of Ghosts to find Torak. Dark succeeds her as the new Raven Mage.


  • Saeunn was the oldest in Raven Clan by many winters.[1]

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