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Renn is one of the main protagonists in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness. She was born in Raven Clan to Seshru and an unnamed father. Her mother was a Soul-Eater who attempted to turn her newborn daughter to a tokoroth, but the Raven Mage Saeunn rescued her. After their father's death, Renn and her older brother Hord were raised by their uncle, the Raven Leader Fin-Kedinn. Renn was a gifted hunter, skillful with her bow. She also demonstrated talent with Magecraft, though resented her position as Saeunn's apprentice. When Torak arrives to Raven Clan with Wolf, Renn recognizes him as part of the Listener prophecy and accompanies him to the Mountain of the World Spirit to defeat the demon bear. She and Torak become quick friends, and she accompanies him on his journeys to defeat the Soul-Eaters, including her mother Seshru. Renn is poised to succeed Saeunn as the Raven's Mage when she dies, though Dark eventually replaces her. After the Soul-Eaters are destroyed, Renn leaves Raven Clan to become Torak's mate.

Th mountain hare renn

Renn in Mountain Hare Clan disguise, in Soul Eater


Renn is around Torak's age. She has pale skin, long dark-red hair, and a smooth face. Her clan-tattoos are three fine blue-black bars on her cheekbones. She wears her clan-creature skin, a strip of black feathers, on the left side of her jerkin. She wears a leather finger guard on two fingers on her left hand and a polished green-slate wrist guard on her right arm. She specializes in a bow with owl feathers.[1] Unlike her brother and uncle, Renn has black eyes like a peat pool.[2] In Soul Eater, Tanugeak tattoos black zigzags on the insides of her wrists for protection.[3] She develops a tiny freckle in the corner of her mouth,[4] and a short red bar underneath her clan-tattoo once she reaches her first moon bleed.[5] She has a scar on her hand from a tokoroth bite and on her foot from stamping on a flint shard.[6]
In Soul Eater, Renn disguises herself as a member of Mountain Hare Clan. She dyes her hair black, darkens her pale face, and uses Torak's medicine horn to sketch out a zigzag band across her forehead.[7]


Renn is fierce, loyal, and protective of those she cares for; she helped Torak several times or more, such as when he was about to be murdered by one of the Soul-Eaters, Tenris, in Spirit Walker. She is with Bale, Torak's kin, and realizes that Torak is about to be killed.

She knows where he is and aims to shoot Tenris. Bale tells her she could never make the shot, that it's too far and too difficult, but she blocks him out and looses her arrow. It hits the Soul-Eater in the hand and forces him to drop his knife, allowing Torak to find a way to escape.

She is prideful, and is at first hurt when Wolf will accept salmon cakes from Torak, but refuses them when she offers it to him. When she is sobbing from shock after a traumatising encounter with her mother, Seshru, and Torak finds her, she insists that she "is not crying."


Renn is an expert with the bow, the "best in her Clan," and is skilled in Magecraft. However, she fears and hates Magecraft and Saeunn accuses her of going out into the forest and hunting to avoid it. She is proficient with other weapons but is not particularly good at skinboating, mostly from lack of experience. She is proficient in tracking and other survival skills. She can also swim, and crosses the river quickly and easily in Wolf Brother.


Renn's mother is Seshru, a Soul-Eater and the Viper Mage, but she only tells Torak late in the series, in Outcast. Torak feels betrayed and deserts her, although she explains everything later. Apparently Seshru only kept her because she wanted to turn Renn into a Tokoroth; Saeunn saved Renn and brought her back to the Raven Clan. Her older brother, Hord, is killed in the first book, Wolf Brother. In Outcast, Bale kills Renn's mother, Seshru, so that she is not tainted by killing her own mother. Her father died near Lake Axehead when she was very young, before she met Torak.


Wolf Brother[]

Renn is a younger member of Raven Clan of around thirteen summers. She, her older brother Hord, and Oslak capture Torak and Wolf when they catch them stealing their roe buck. Renn is intelligent and aware of her surroundings; after Torak defeats Hord in trial-by-combat, she recognizes him as the one mentioned in the prophecy by Saeunn of the Listener who will save them from the demon bear. After Torak escapes, Renn is determined for Torak to fulfill the prophecy. She takes Wolf and hides in the bone-grounds for Torak. At first, she is hostile towards him, but she proves her own merit with her bow-and-arrow and her knowledge of Magecraft and the clans. Wolf slowly warms up to her as well, calling her the female tailless. Renn recognizes the three pieces of the Nanuak when Torak finds them. When they have to cross over the frozen river, Renn is initially hesitant since her father perished there when she was young. She convinces her clan that Torak is the only one who can find the Mountain of the World Spirit, where Torak and Wolf defeat the bear, and Hord, her ambitious older brother, dies.

Spirit Walker[]

Six moons later, Renn is now Saeunn's Mage apprentice, and she helps Saeunn perform Magecraft to attempt to cure Oslak and Bera from their mysterious sickness, but to no avail. Renn notices that Oslak scratched the mark of the Soul-Eaters in the dirt, suspecting they are behind the disease. Torak leaves Raven Clan to find a cure, much to Renn's anger. She is bitten by a tokoroth, a child that hosts a demon. She leaves Raven Clan to find Torak, reuniting with Wolf not long after. She follows Wolf to the Sea, and Sea Eagle Clan helps them cross, where Renn and Wolf rescue Torak from a seal net on Seal Island.
Renn learns that a Seal Clan member killed a young Hunter, which is causing the notched-fin hunter to seek revenge. However, she and Torak argue about this since Seal Clan is Torak's bonekin. She attempts to find Torak again when Tenris, the Seal Clan Mage, finds her, and Renn realizes he is a Soul-Eater. Tenris has Bale guard her, claiming she is infested with the sickness because of her bite wound. After escaping with Wolf's help, Renn and Bale help Torak to defeat Tenris by using her bow to distract him. They return to the Forest after learning that Tenris poisoned juniper berries to cause the sickness.

Soul Eater[]

In winter, Renn, Torak, and Wolf hunt when Wolf is captured by the Soul-Eaters and taken to the Far North. They follow his tracks, though Renn dreams of Torak breaking clan law and killing a wolf. Inuktiluk of White Fox Clan rescues them from a blizzard, and Tanugeak, their Mage, tattoos black zigzags on her wrists to protect her. Renn and Torak use a skinboat to travel north to the Eye of the Viper Mountain, where they create disguises to fit in with the Ice Clans. After Torak disappears into the Soul-Eaters' hideout, Renn scrambles through a tiny tunnel to eavesdrop. She finds Torak's body after he spirit walked, and the pair find Wolf. He's infected with a sickness, so Renn cuts off his tail-tip to cure him.
After they steal the fire-opal and disrupt the Soul-Eaters' ceremony to open the Door to the Otherworld, Renn and Torak are split up in the ice. Renn is prepared to sacrifice herself to destroy the fire-opal, as it requires a death to be properly destroyed, Nef takes the fire-opal and disappears in the black ice instead. Renn, Wolf, and Torak are rescued by Fin-Kedinn and Inuktiluk.


Two moons later, Renn is distraught when Torak is outcasted by the clans because of his hidden Soul-Eater tattoo on his chest. She ignores his pleas to not help her while he's outcasted, tempting to break clan law. She sneaks out supplies to Torak and information on how to remove his tattoo with Magecraft. At the clan meet, Renn is sullen without Torak. After learning he's suffering from soul-sickness, Renn concludes that Seshru is causing it. She and Bale set out for Lake Axehead to find Torak, where the Otter Clan Mages allow them to pass. Renn uses Magecraft to summon Rip and Rek to help Torak overcome his soul-sickness.
After reuniting with Torak, Seshru reveals that Renn is her daughter, a secret that Renn has been keeping for two summers. Torak is hurt by this. Renn confronts Seshru about how she wanted her to be a tokoroth until Saeunn rescued her. Renn analyzes her dreams and realizes that the World Spirit will cause the Lake to flood. After warning the other clans of the flood, Bale kills Seshru and Torak destroys the fire-opal shard. He and Renn rekindle their friendship.

Oath Breaker[]

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Ghost Hunter[]

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