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We pray for the fighting to stop. We pray for the World Spirit to come.
Durrain about Red Deer Clan, Oath Breaker, chapter 14

Red Deer Clan is a Deep Forest Clan. They believe in non-violence and refused to help Torak in Oath Breaker when he asked the clan to help him fight Thiazzi, who was disguised as the Forest Horse Mage. They are very powerful Mages.


Red Deer Clan members wear plain buckskin. Unlike the other clans, they do not carry weapons.[2] A lock of their hair at the temple is matted with red earthblood. Their leggings and jerkins are made of roe deer buckskin lined with hare fur, hoods of nettlestem, and boots of elkhide.[1]


Unlike the other Deep Forest clans, Red Deer Clan do not believe in violence. They do not carry any weapons. The World Spirit sent Red Deer a sign of two stags who struggled to death after their antlers were tangled. Because of this, Red Deer Clan refuses to fight and instead pray vigilantly.[1] Their Mages and Leaders are usually the same person, such as Durrain.[3]
They bury their dead in their chosen tree, and then their loved ones place the bark in their hair. They use cakes of ash to clean themselves. The Red Deer Clan are powerful Mages; they were capable of detecting Torak when he spirit walked. They believe in the Voice of the Forest, the humming in all the trees.[1] Unlike the other Deep Forest clans, Red Deer Clan never followed the True Way.[4]


Red Deer Clan lives on Lake Blackwater. Their camp is well hidden in clumps of juniper, and their shelters are reindeer-hides stained in green. Unlike the other Deep Forest clans, they own dogs.[1]

Known members[]

Notes and references[]

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