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Raven Clan is an Open Forest Clan. They are one of the main clans in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series, often featuring in the books and with many of their members often deeply involved in the storyline.

Known members[]


Raven Clan members wear a strip of black feathers, their clan-creature skin, on the left side of their jerkins.[3]


Raven Clan own dogs, canoes, and all members of the clan participate in hunting and cooking.[4] They create dried salmon cakes with deer fat and juniper berries to last all winter.[5] To prepare for hunts, Raven Clan members tie their long hair back and stick an owl feather for good luck. They smear ash on their skin to mask their scent. Hunters with bow and arrows oil their bows with crushed hazelnuts. Hunters prepare for the hunt by chanting "may the clan guardian fly with me and make the hunt successful."[6]
When a clan member dies, their relatives smear gray river clay on their faces.[7] Their body is taken into the Forest where the clan builds a Death Platform, a low rack of rowan branches with the corpse on top facing upriver so the souls can find the High Mountains. The person's belongings and shelter is then burned. After three moons, the person's relatives will take the bones to the bone-grounds.[8]


Raven Clan moves camps every three to four moons. In autumn, Raven Clan camps near the Windriver.[3] Their shelters are made of reindeer-hides.[4] In summer, Raven Clan camps near the Widewater to feast on the salmon making the journey from the Sea to the Mountains.[9]

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