The Otter Clan is a Clan that lives a bit past the south shore of Lake Axehead. They are described as normally being laid back and cheerful people, although in Outcast they are withdrawn and hostile. They leave many offerings to the Lake, and are very respectful toward it.  Their clan tattoos are wavy vertical green-blue lines on their throats. They are described as small and lithe, with "fierce green faces". They use small boats made of reeds to hunt fish. In Outcast, the first Otter Clan hunters described have faces painted with green clay. Typically, the sacred clay, which comes from a healing spring normally forbidden to outsiders, is only used to "protect the sick and dying". During the summer, they wear sleeveless tunics made of woven grass or fish skin. The leader wears a bracelet of otter fur, although the rest of the clan wears their clan-creature fur hanging from their ears. Often they wear a mantle of beaver fur to keep dry.

Their camp is a series of platforms built above the water, connected by narrow walkways, including one that leads to the lake's shore. There are shelters in the form of huts built on the platforms. To reach the platforms from a boat, one must climb a ladder.