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[My son] starved. The prey fled our part of the Forest. We must have done something to displeasure the World Spirit. I wanted to die too. I tried to, but the Wolf Mage saved me. He saved my life. Now he's dead, and I can never repay him. Gratitude is a terrible thing.
—Nef to Torak, Soul Eater, chapter 18

Nef was a the former Bat Clan Mage and a membe of the Soul-Eaters. Her thoughts flew faster than a bat. She loved to enchant small creatures to do her bidding. Nef sincerely believes that everything that the Soul Eaters are doing is for the greater good unlike Thiazzi, Seshru, Eostra or Tenris who all only believe in ruling the Forest. After the loss of her son, she was filled with such sadness that she wanted to commit suicide but Torak's father stopping her. In the Far North, she and the other Soul-Eaters attempt to open the Door, and Nef takes Torak under her wing when he disguises himself as a White Fox Clan member. Torak, Renn, and Wolf disrupt their ceremony to open the Door. To repay Torak's father's debt, Nef sacrifices herself to destroy their piece of the fire-opal.


Nef is heavy and squat with badly bowed and twisted legs. She had small, darting eyes in a sharp-snouted face and pointed ears like a bat. She wore a bone amulet of the Soul-Eater symbol. Her clan-tattoo was a spiky symbol on her chin.[2][3] A bat lingered on her shoulders.[4]

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