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The Walker knows about them. Oh yes. Before the flint bit him, he was a wise man himself. He knew that if you die and lose your name-soul, then you’re a ghost, and you forget who you are. The Walker always feels sorry for ghosts. But if you lose your clan-soul, then what’s left is a demon.
—The Walker to Torak and Renn, Wolf Brother, chapter 18

Narrander, later known as The Walker, was a member of the Otter Clan and the Soul-Eaters. Previously the Otter Clan Mage, Narrander joined the Healers in hopes of helping the forest. When their true intentions were revealed, Narrander wished to leave but couldn't since Eostra had kidnapped his son Narik. Following his son's death in the Great Fire, Narrander went mad with grief. He was outcasted from Otter Clan and sought refuge in his valley. Few knew of his true identity, which Fin-Kedinn guarded for many summers.


During his time as an outcast, the Walker was described as an unbelievably filthy man with a ruined face as rough as bark, matted waist-length hair, and a rancid cape of slimy yellow reeds. He wore a rotting pigeon carcass around his neck. One of his eyes was missing and his teeth were all gone, leaving behind black gums. His nose was shattered. His clan-tattoos were wavy blue-green lines on his neck.[1] His beard was tangled and glistened with slime, and his limbs were scrawny.[2]


Wolf Brother[]

Torak, Renn, and Wolf encounter the Walker while passing through his valley. He threw Renn's quiver into the stream, much to her anger, and threatened to kill them if they didn't leave. The Walker reveals that he had warned the crippled wanderer not to summon the demon bear, a powerful elemental. When Torak finds hazelnuts for Narik a small mouse kept in the Walker's pocket, he notices the strange stone claw the Walker used to crack open the nuts. The Walker provides them with directions to the stone mouth, where the second piece of the Nanuak resided.

Soul Eater[]

While searching for Wolf, Torak and Renn encounter him again, though the Walker angrily yowls that someone stole his stone claw, the same one that led to Narik's death. The Walker madly warns them that the Masked One, the cruelest of the group, is going to open the Door in the Far North. Narik is also missing, much to his despair. Torak finds him a lemming so Narik can return, which the Walker appreciates. In return, the Walker ominously tells Torak and Renn that they must head to the Far North to the Eye of the Viper Mountain.

Ghost Hunter[]

When Torak and Renn leave for the Mountain of Ghosts to defeat Eostra, Fin-Kedinn seeks out the Walker. Eostra attempts to summon all the Soul-Eaters, but Narrander, the Walker, is still alive. He attempts to stop Eostra by summoning Hidden People from the Mountain to destroy Eostra. He later carries Torak's unconscious body out of the Mountain. After, Fin-Kedinn and Torak bring clothes and food to the Walker. The Raven Leader asks him to join them, but the Walker wishes to return to his valley with Narik. Later, Fin-Kedinn tells Torak how Narrander wanted to leave the Healers, but Eostra kidnapped his son. Narik perished in the great fire caused by Torak's father, and Narrander lost an eye. He went mad with grief after finding his son's body.



Not much is known of the Walker's son, Narik, and thus not much is known of his relationship with him. Despite this it can be assumed the two had a loving relationship, hence the Walker becoming so distraught with his son's death. After Narik had died The Walker went mad and he pretended that small animals were Narik. He also knew Fin-Kedinn which is why he comes to the aid of Torak and Renn in Ghost Hunter. This friendship was kept a secret by Fin-Kedinn until the last book. Fin Kedinn made sure people didn't know he was the seventh Soul-Eater and said the seventh Soul-Eater died in the great fire created by Torak's father.

Notes and references[]

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