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"Vengeance burns, Torak. It burns your heart. It makes the pain worse. Don't let that happen to you." ~Fin-Kedinn, Oath Breaker

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Chronicles-spirit walker-map

Map of the Seal Islands

The Seal Clan is a Sea Clan. Their clan guardian is the ringed seal. The clan resides on an island in the sea called Seal Island. North of it lies Cormorant Island and Kelp Island, both of which have clans living on them, Cormorant Clan and Kelp Clan respectively, both are Sea Clans as well.

The Seal Clan features prominently throughout the book Spirit Walker, after Torak is captured by its members - Bale (who turns out to be Torak's kin), Asrif, and Detlan, in their skinboats. The Seal Clan also appears at the start of Oath Breaker, and in Outcast.


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