Magecraft is the art and power of the Mages. Every Clan had a Mage to protect them, make medicines and herbal remedies, foresee the future and advise the Clan Leader. The purpose of Magecraft is to discover the ways of the other sentients of the world, such as hunters, prey and even the trees. Its aim is to rediscover the lost ways of the spirit walkers, who could enter the minds of others.

Magecraft is something you are born with, but so long as you were born with the skill, you can develop it greatly.

However, there is a darker side to Magecraft. Some Mages, tempted by the allures of their power, begun to seek to control instead of helping and discovering. Namely, they tried to find a way to control their fellows as well as all hunters and prey. Their desire was also extended to the demons, lost souls who hate the living and seek to destroy it from their fiery home in the Otherworld. Several Mages were able to conjure demons and use them, especially to create the creature called the tokoroth, which lived only to do the bidding of its master. The worst of these dark Mages were the dreaded Soul Eaters.

The most powerful of the Soul Eaters, Eostra, was so skilled at Magecraft that she was able to summon the dead, seeking to bend both them and the living to her will.