Torak's Mother (also referred to as Ma) was a member of the Red Deer Clan. She died shortly after giving birth to Torak. Her real name is never mentioned in the series.

After going on the run with her mate due to the threat the Soul Eaters posed to them, she became pregnant and, as she was about to give birth, the World Spirit came to her and told her that her child would have to fight all his life to destroy the evil his father had helped create. Afraid for her child, she asked the World Spirit to give him something to fight with; He agreed to make the child a Spirit Walker but for that he would have to be clanless as no clan should be more powerful than another and he also posed another condition: she had to die. Torak's mother accepted and gave her life for her son. The World Spirit broke one of his antlers and gave it to her to seal the pact. She made it into a medicine horn. The day she finished it, she died.