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Lynx Clan is a Deep Forest Clan. In Skin Taker, they were wiped out by the Thunderstar and became extinct.

Known members[]


The Lynx Clan braid their hair, two braids for women and one men. They dust and stain their faces, partings and fingernails red with ground pine bast. The women wear plain buckskin clothing, and the men wear belts of black and gold lynx fur.[1] They wear a clan-creature amulet.[2] In Oath Breaker, they wear green headbands showing that they are on the same side as the Auroch Clan following the conflict about the death of the Forest Horse Mage.[3]


To appease the World Spirit, Lynx Clan members make sacrifices.[4] They followed the True Way with the other Deep Forest Clans, but abandoned the path after Thiazzi's defeat.[5]

Notes and references[]

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