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Smoke is the breath of the Fire Spirit. Mountain clans worship fire above else.
—Krukoslik to Torak, Wolf Brother

Krukoslik is the leader of the Mountain Hare Clan. He is the father of Chelko. In Wolf Brother, Krukoslik meets Torak when Fin-Kedinn invited Torak over to a private nightmeal to give advice on navigating the mountains before Torak left to destroy the demon bear. He also meets Torak and Renn again when they both hunt the same prey in Ghost Hunter.


Krukoslik has short brown hair and dark, wizened features. He wore bulky brown reindeer hides with red buckskin leggings. His clan-creature skin was a mantle of hare fur on his shoulders that was dyed red. He wore a finger-long shard of smoky rock crystal necklace. Krukoslik's clan tattoos was a red zigzag across his forehead.[1]

Notes and references[]

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