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You are wrong to blame yourself. He tricked me too. And I have lived a good many more summers than you.
—Islinn to Torak about Tenris, Spirit Walker, chapter 34

Islinn is the Leader of the Seal Clan, and he had a son who died from a mysterious sickness. When Torak arrives to Seal Clan, he is presented to Islinn for breaking clan law, and Islinn originally sentences him with a moon isolation on the Rock. Islinn was under his Mage Tenris' manipulation, who appeared to advise and make decisions for him. Following his death, Islinn appeared visibly younger. He sent messengers to the Forest with news on how to cure the mysterious sickness, and he promised that Seal Clan would always be home to Torak.


Islinn is an older man with white hair and a beard braided with tiny blue slate beads. His ears were pierced with twisted, spearlike shells that stretchd his earlobs to his shoulders. While under Tenris' manipulation, Islinn appeared older and shrunken with rheumy eyes and shaky hands.[1] Following Tenris' death, Islinn appeared visibly younger.[2]

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