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Far North map

Ice Clans are the Clans that live in the Far North. There isn't much said about the clans of the Far North, all we know is that they worship the fire a bit like the Mountain Clans do, because just like the Mountain Clans they would freeze without fire. In addition to fire, the Ice Clans also worship the Wind. They build man-like figures made of rock and snow and sacrifice some of their food to the Wind every so often.

Even though the Far North may seem so harsh it is impossible for outsiders to survive, the Ice Clans know how to survive there easily. They live in huts made of ice and instead of wood, and they use animal fat to light a fire. To protect their eyes from the glare produced by a snow-covered terrain, they wear wooden goggles made with two narrow slits, where one would see through.

Although it's not confirmed whether all the Ice Clans do, at least some members of the White Fox Clan use sled dogs.

The Ice Clans are:[]