Earthblood in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness is the name given to ochre. When ground it produces a brown / red colour.

ground ocher is still used in modern art


It is used in the books as a way of warding off evil and keeping souls together after death. A mage like Renn can use it to heal illness or to create lines of power that Tokoroths cannot cross. Torak uses earthblood to protect himself from Eostra in Ghost Hunter and also in Outcast when he paints the sign of the hand on his face to stop his souls from walking while he sleeps after the rite to cut out the Soul Eater tattoo. The people of the Deep Forest Clans use earthblood to paint trees red in an attempt to make the World Spirit come back to the forest. They also paint their heads with earthblood and clay to be more tree-like. In Spirit Walker the sea clans think that earthblood is unclean and don't allow it to be mixed with the sea or carried on skinboats.