The Eagle Owl Clan tattoo

The Eagle Owl Clan was a Deep Forest Clan. Shortly after Eostra resurrected a dead boy of ten summers, the whole clan died of illness. With Eostra's death the entire Clan was lost.


The Eagle Owl Clan were allegedly very wise and skilled warriors, who wore feathered tunics, auroch-leather belts, and had tattoos of their clan's sign on both their eyelids, believing that tattoos anywhere else on the skin were impure. They wore beech-tree leaves around their necks, and braided their hair and beards with thin vines. They primarily kept weapons in their auroch-leather belts. The weapons they used were bows made from beech wood and fletched with eagle owl feathers, and daggers carved intricately from beech wood. Being extremely good hunters, they rarely used their axes unless in danger. They had pale skin and silky blonde hair.