Dyrati by kanzeNatsume on deviantart

Dyrati is a woman who used to live in the Raven Clan, who at first wanted to be a mate to Hord. When Hord got killed in the avalanche unleashed by the World Spirit in Wolf Brother, she left the Raven Clan and mated with a man from the Otter Clan. She then went to live there.

Wolf BrotherEdit

Dyrati first appears as a "pretty" girl sitting by a fire attending to the broth she had cooking. She is shy around Hord and clearly wants to be his mate.


Renn and Bale met her in their brief stay with the Otter Clan in Lake Axehead, and she was very mean to Renn because of her disquieting black eyes, her dreams that came true and the "bad luck" that Dyrati claimed befell all that were close to her.