Durrain is the Red Deer Clan leader, but she also seems to deighn within the lines of a Mage. She is proud and arrogant, but she leads her Clan well in times of danger. First, she will not help Torak and Renn when they come into the Deep Forest seeking help, and she shows them the two bucks that died because they fought. Taking this as a sign from the World Spirit, she refuses to let her clan fight in the Auroch and Forest Horse revolution that Thiazzi creates, stating this; "See what happened to our clan creature when it fought? THIS is why the Red Deer will not fight!". Later, she opens up to Torak and tells him the price of his birth as a Spirit Walker - his mother died so he could be aided in his quest to defeat the Soul-Eaters. Then, in the last book, Ghost Hunter, she meets Dark, and acts as a mentor to him, as he becomes the Raven Clan Mage, and also the 'White Raven'.