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Darkfur is a wolf from the Mountain pack and Wolf's mate. She is the mother of Click, Shadow and Pebble. She is also the daughter of the mountain pack’s leader.


Darkfur is a dark-furred female wolf[1] with green-amber eyes.[2]



Darkfur is eager to reunite with Wolf when he reunites with the Mountain pack. She comforts Wolf after Torak chases him away, and she presents Torak with a gift of a rotten fish head to welcome him into the pack. Wolf bids her farewell when he leaves to find Torak. She gives Wolf a wistful glance when he decides to stay with his pack brother.

Oath Breaker[]

Wolf longs for Darkfur in the moons since he left the Mountain pack. They eventually happily reunite in the Deep Forest, though Wolf is still upset over his revelation that Tall Tailless is not a wolf. While chasing horses, Darkfur encourages Wolf to go to his pack-brother. After defeating Thiazzi, Wolf and Darkfur find the missing children in the sacred grove. Three moons later, Wolf and Darkfur have a litter of pups: Click, Pebble, and Shadow.


Notes and references[]

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