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Dark is a young, albino boy and the current Raven Clan Mage. He was originally born in Swan Clan, though was abandoned by his father due to his ability to see ghosts when he was eight summers old. Dark lived alone in the Mountain of Ghosts for seven summers with Ark, a white raven. He befriended Torak, Renn, and Wolf when they arrived to defeat Eostra. Following Eostra's defeat, Dark joined Raven Clan as their new Mage. He later becomes mates with Kujai.


Dark is an albino young man with long tangled white hair like cobwebs, eyelashes and eyebrows the hue of dead grass, and pale gray eyes. His skin was the color of fresh-cut chalk. This was apparently caused by a white hare running in front of his mother when she was pregnant with him. He has a gap-toothed smile from knocking his own teeth out.[1]


He is a nice boy who simply longs for company after seven summers of being alone. He seems quite easily led, though some might put that down to youth. Despite this he seems quite loyal, helping Renn find Torak despite only knowing Torak for a short while. Also, despite being the same age as Renn and Torak, he is shown to be very mentally immature in comparison to them. However, this may be due to his isolation from a young age which could have inhibited his mental and social development, as he would have no one to make an example of.


Dark is skilled and knowledgeable enough to survive in the harsh conditions of the High Mountains, having lived there for seven winters. He is a Mage but does not appear to be aware of it until he is told by Durrain (though he did claim to have visions whilst with the Swan Clan and was said to have seen his sister's spirit). According to Fin-Kedinn, he has an aptitude for Magecraft and a willingness to partake in it, which is why he was chosen as the Raven Clan Mage instead of Renn. He also can see ghosts, though whether this is his imagination or not is never mentioned. Due to his isolation, his visions of ghosts may be a figment of the imagination created for company, but he is mentioned as having visions before he was cast out of the Swan Clan.


Ghost Hunter[]

Dark rescues Torak after he was knocked unconscious by Eostra's eagle owl. He cares for Torak's wounds but refuses to let him leave. Dark explains how his parents were from Swan Clan, but he was abandoned by his father when he was eight summers old for seeing ghosts. He lived alone in the Mountain of Ghosts with Ark, a white raven, and learned to avoid Eostra's dogs and the Hidden People. Someone provided him with food for his first three winters. About seven winters after being abandoned, Dark discovers Torak and Wolf.
Dark asks Torak numerous questions about the outside world, and he eventually lets him go after realizing that people will miss him. Dark leads Torak and Wolf to Eostra's lair, called the Scar. When the entrance is sealed, Dark finds Renn, Torak's friend, and guides her to the second opening in the mountain. He uses his slingshot to strike the tokoroths. They later find Torak still alive the next day. Dark stays with Raven Clan for three moons and learns from Durrain about Magecraft. Fin-Kedinn asks Dark to stay as their Mage. He carves a wolf amulet for Torak before he and Renn leave Raven Clan.

Viper's Daughter[]

Dark lives with the Raven Clan and and is their mage. He has formed a close father-son relationship with Fin-Kedinn. He’s also close friends with Renn and Torak, despite them not living with the clan.

Skin Taker[]

After the Thunder Stone catastrophe, Dark helps take command over survivors from various clans while Fin-Kedinn is away. He also forms a friendship with Pebble, who was burned and traumatised by the Thunder Stone.


Dark is doing well as the Raven Clan mage, and he and Fin-Kedinn are visiting the Sea Eagle Clan to trade with them. When Renn asks him for help to find Wolf, they do several rituals together, only for every single one to show that Wolf is out at sea. The Sea Eagle Clan lend Torak and Renn a canoe that Kujai is working on, and when they leave, Dark is left on the shore, as he doesn’t know anything about the sea and wouldn’t be able to help them.
He worries deeply about his friends, but also about Fin-Kedinn, whose old leg injury is getting worse by the day. He seeks for The Walker to ask for advice, but all he gets is a confirmation that Fin-Kedinn won’t get better. Fin-Kedinn and Dark talk about the future and about how Fin-Kedinn believes Dark could be a good leader when he himself can’t lead anymore.


Dark's mother and sister[]

He seems to have been greatly cared for by his mother, who protected him from the rest of his clan during his first eight summers. Whilst on the Mountain of Ghosts, Dark mentions his sister who has supposedly died and is now a ghost. Whether his sister is real or not is never mentioned.


Realvi his father seemed to have cared little for him, in contrast to his mother. He seems to have been with the rest of the Swan Clan and believed Dark to be bad luck, abandoning him the day after his partner died. They meet again in Skin Taker, where its very clear that Dark can’t trust him even if a part of him wants to(doesn’t admit that to anyone).


He seems to greatly care for the white raven, it being his only companion for so long.


Dark meets Kujai in the beginning of Wolfbane. They argue about various things, and even have a fist fight, but soon form a close friendship. Dark finds himself thinking a lot about Kujai. After Fin-Kedinn’s death, when Dark has just become leader, Kujai finds him and tells him he believes the reason Dark doesn’t have a mate is because he’s been waiting for him. Dark confirms this and the next time they’re mentioned in the book, they are mates.

Notes and references[]

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