The Clan Tattoos are a series of shapes and patterns that helps to identify what Clan you're in:

Clan Tattoos:Edit

Bat Clan: Thorny black tattoo on the chin

Forest Horse Clan: Whole face tattooed with leaves, Holly for men and Oak for women


The White Fox Clan tattoo, a rectangle over the nose

Mountain Hare Clan: Red zigzag bar across the forehead

The Swan Clan tattoo

Otter Clan: Wavy blue-green lines undulting up the throat


The Wolf Clan tattoo

Raven Clan: Three fine blue bars across each cheek

Red Deer Clan: Black cloven hoof tattoo on the forehead

Salmon Clan: A sinuous tattoo on the cheek

Sea-Eagle Clan: Black four-clawed mark on the back of the left hand

Seal Clan: Wavy blue lines on the arms for men and calves for women

Swan Clan: Red circle of dots on the forehead

White-Fox Clan: Dark band across the bridge of the nose

Willow Clan: Three black circles tattooed inbetween the eyebrows

Wolf Clan: Two blue dotted lines across the cheekbones

Other Tattoos you see:Edit

Moon Bleed: Red bar under the Clan tattoos

Outcast: Small black circle on the forehead

Power Lines: (for protecting Mages against evil) - Lightning marks on each wrist

Soul-Eater: Three-pronged fork on the breastbone

New tattoo you find in the booksEdit

Edited Outcast Tattoo: Outcast tattoo split into four: Red (Mountain Clans), Blue (Sea Clans), White (Ice Clans) and Green (Forest Clans). Torak is the only person who has it.


The Oak Clan tattoo