The Auroch Clan is a Deep Forest Clan. They are described as having little empathy or pity. They wear wovenbark clothes and have leather belts that carry most of their weapons, which include a slate ax and long green bow. They are uncannily good at blending in with the forest. Their earlobes are pierced with rolls of bark. They wear green headbands in Oathbreaker. They rarely speak, and communicate with hand gestures, because they want to be like the trees. 

All of their heads are shaved and caked with yellow clay to resemble a tree's bark, and the men put the same clay in their beards. Some of them, such as the hunters who capture Renn in Oath Breaker, have even scarred their skin to resemble bark. The women stud their clay-caked scalps with alder cones.

Their shelters are made of birch bark.