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I think it's to make them more treelike. That's what Deep Forest people want above all: to be like the trees.
Renn about Auroch Clan, Oath Breaker, chapter 10

Auroch Clan is a Deep Forest Clan. They are described as having little empathy or pity. They wear wovenbark clothes and have leather belts that carry most of their weapons, which include a slate ax and long green bow. They are uncannily good at blending in with the forest. Their earlobes are pierced with rolls of bark. They wear green headbands in Oath Breaker and side with Lynx Clan after they were accused of killing the Forest Horse Clan Mage. They rarely speak, and communicate with hand gestures, because they want to be like the trees. 

Known members[]


Auroch Clan members disguised themselves as trees to camouflage into the forest. Their clothes are yellow-brown wovenbark with rolls of bark pierced in their earlobes. Their scalps are shaved and caked in yellow clay to resemble bark.[1] They wear trunk masks with square mouths.[2] The Deep Forest members carve their flesh to resemble bark. The men's bearded resemble tangled tree roots, and they wear leggings. Women wear tunics instead of leggings and have tiny alder cones studded in their scalps.[1] They wear a clan-creature amulet.[3]


Auroch Clan members craft deadly traps in the forest to prevent outsiders from entering.[4] In Oath Breaker, they practice the old law ways, called the Way and chop off Gaup's hand when he trespasses.[5] To honor the World Spirit, they paint low tree branches with red earthblood.[4][6] They also believe that women cannot be Mages. Their Mage keeps to themselves to focus on praying.[7] They rarely talk to behave more like the trees,[4] and communicate using a hand speak.[1] They use narrow wood shields with pointed ends and use sticks to create fire unlike the Open Forest people.[4] Following Thiazzi's defeat, Auroch Clan turned their backs on the True Way and planned to punish themselves with more scars.[8]


Auroch Clan has two camps in the Deep Forest. Their second camp in a hollow surrounded by pines. Their shelters are created by birch barks with an auroch skull hanging above a large pine in the center of camp.[1]

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